Vision Not Sight: The Before and After

To continue the conversation about thrifting here's and example of what I mean when I say Vision not Sight. I picked up this Eddie Bauer denim dress from the thrift store for $2. I often times purchase denim because its usually a safe bet. It was plus sized and obviously way too big for me, but I figured nothing a few stitches on my sewing machine couldn’t fix. Unfortunately after I took it in I realized that it need more help than that plus my sewing machine is on one leg right now. I needed to shorten it and remove the sleeves because it was maxi length with long sleeves (not in this heat No GAWD). After I was done it was an lackluster dressl. I wore it once and decided it was a transformation gone wrong. It made me look matronly…

Fast forward to this week. I needed to find something to were in my own closet (whatever’s in budget lol). After flipping through my closet a few times I decided on the denim dress; it was the one thing in my closet that had enough fabric to play with. I had several ideas come to mind but honestly I just let the fabric speak to me. I put it on did some draping on my body, and went with the flow. This was the final result. All this  to say that in the world of thrifting don’t see it for what it is; see it for what it could be (denim mui mui but for what it can be two piece man bait lol).


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