I get asked tons of questions about how I thrift. Honestly what works for me may not work for you but I decided to share my top 5 tips for successful thrifting. thrifting tips one
The first thing I like to do is decide what my goal/objective is. Thrift stores can be overwhelming especially for a beginner. If you know exactly what you are looking for or what you hope to achieve it helps alleviate the stress of the experience! For example if your looking for a specific item. Be very purposeful about that choice. Don't just say just looking for jeans. Choose a fit and a color. I am looking for white skinny jeans. The objective can sometimes just be a mood; For example your objective could be to find 70s inspired pieces. I promise if you do this the stores wont be so daunting.
thrifting tips two
Make sure you create a budget for yourself. Depending on the thrift store the prices aren’t always as cheap as you would think. Even when the prices are cheap make a budget. The cheaper the prices the more tempted you will be to spend more that you want to. So MAKE A BUDGET (mental or written)!
thrifting tips three
Obviously this tip doesn’t work for everyone lol! However if you can or if it floats your boat definitely wear a skirt to the thrift store. Lots of thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms. So I slip bottoms on under my skirt then remove my skirt and take pictures using my smart phone.
thrifting tips four
Over time you will develop a mental list of what thrift stores are good for what items. For example I love the salvation army in midtown, but their menswear selection is always lacking. When I am looking for menswear I just start a the safest bet; buffalo exchange. This process takes time but use online reviews/word of mouth to help steer you in the right direction. Yelp and Google Places are some of my favorites for getting online reviews of thrift stores.
thrifting tips five b
The toughest thing about thrifiting is that most people see things for what they are and not what they can be. You have to have a vision for an item. Don’t be afraid to see potential! Make alterations or take it to a tailor. The most successful thrift shopping happens when something is transformed into something new!

There's tons more tips but those are my top 5! Let me know what you think? are you a thriftier? what's your process like?

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