Post To Be OOTD

Vest: ASOS Denim: Gap Sneakers:Thrifted

This is a random post so it will be brief. I have been feeling pretty sick, so when my off day rolled around I sleep until 1pm, then decided to get some fresh air and later hit up bible study. This look I'd all about the sneaker. I saw these sneakers at the thrift store "about a week ago" ( que Shmoney dance). When I tried them on I was instantly in love and for $8 I wasn't leaving without them. Here's the catch.... they are supposed to be Supras, but I could find them anywhere online and therefore have determined that they must knock offs. I am generally speaking not a knock off kind of girl (being a creative type I know the value of intellectual property) nor am I a label whore. However I still love them and would rock them with or without that Supra logo...  hence the post title "post to be". As for the rest of the look: the vest was an ASOS clearance item, the white ripped jeans are gap, sadly white denim is usually see through so I grabbed my plaid shirt for the o so clutch shirt around waist move, and finally I thru on my H&M tee so as not to be naked and out the Door I went.

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