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Vest: ASOS Denim: Gap Sneakers:Thrifted

This is a random post so it will be brief. I have been feeling pretty sick, so when my off day rolled around I sleep until 1pm, then decided to get some fresh air and later hit up bible study. This look I'd all about the sneaker. I saw these sneakers at the thrift store "about a week ago" ( que Shmoney dance). When I tried them on I was instantly in love and for $8 I wasn't leaving without them. Here's the catch.... they are supposed to be Supras, but I could find them anywhere online and therefore have determined that they must knock offs. I am generally speaking not a knock off kind of girl (being a creative type I know the value of intellectual property) nor am I a label whore. However I still love them and would rock them with or without that Supra logo...  hence the post title "post to be". As for the rest of the look: the vest was an ASOS clearance item, the white ripped jeans are gap, sadly white denim is usually see through so I grabbed my plaid shirt for the o so clutch shirt around waist move, and finally I thru on my H&M tee so as not to be naked and out the Door I went.

Trap Queen1b_Fotor_Collage

Its April Fool’s Day and unbeknownst to me mother nature had been playing a prank on me all winter and today she finally said “GOTCHA”. I have been going to the park around my apartment for weeks just to get air, think, be outdoors…, but because the entire park has been covered in snow for months there are certain parts of the park I've never seen. well since mother nature decided to finally let us see a glimpse of spring the snow is gone and I finally ventured thorugh the park in depth and to my amazement I found this view of the FDR Bridge. Amazing! Such a metaphor for life: if you just remain patient you never know what's under the snow in your life! I’m done being deep, lets talk garments! I had nothing but errands to run today and since I was off from work I wanted to be comfy and cute. I’ve never worn this much black in my life, until I moved to New York (have I been converted?). the dress is Spiegel  (thrifted) I love this dress but unfortunately I knew when I purchased it that my boobs wont let me be great in it so it has to be layered with a tank or t-shirt. I threw of my HM Fleeced tights, XOXO Boots , Red lipstick and viola look done.

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