What I Wore: My First New York Fashion Week

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Black Denim by J Brand | Tee by H&M | Pumps by Aldo

So as an intern I got to complete one of my milestone moments in my life; I got to attend a show at Lincoln center for fashion week. Considering my wardrobe is ehh lacking right now I had extreme anxiety about what I would wear. Everyone kept saying wear all black “its chic”, they explained. If you know me you know I love color so at the last minute I decided to throw caution to the wind and “do me”. I thrifted this blazer a few days before the show and decided that it was unique enough to shashay in front of the cameras. My experience was one I will never forget. I am still smiling. Everyone was snapping my picture and complimenting me and I walked into a room of people I admire, look up too, and desire to become. It was breathtaking and I felt grateful. The rest of my look was pretty generic black denim by J Brand, Tee by H&M, Pumps by Aldo. I mean the blazer is the statement here!

Did you attend fashion week was your adventure similar to mine?

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