Valentine's Day the Introspective

I Ashley Win being in sound mind, body, and, soul am an avid lover of Valentine's day. I love Valentines day for two nontraditional reasons. First of all there's usually an abundance of amazing mixtapes released on that day, and secondly because It gives me a reason to splurge on something I wouldn't normally buy (to show me how much I love me lol).

It's no secret until about three years ago I hate the holiday. It was a harsh reminder to the single people that you again will be eating alone (ha). Then I realized that no one can love me like I love me and I have had the best valentine's days since.

This year is a bit different I decided to take a mancation or man fast (no dating or conversing with persons of the opposite sex with intentions of being anything more than friends) for 3 months. I had been feeling rather unoptimistic about the prospects of finding a significant other and decided to clear my self of pressures and allow myself the opportunity to refresh hope in that area. The other reason is I am in no place to be dating or even conversing right now. I am pretty much staring over from scratch and life is stressful (understatement). I have to focus on me and finding stability in my own life right now. This valentine's day I will spend my day at work followed my some sleep afterwards. Don't be alarmed by the sheer excitement of my day lol.

All that being said this picture is one of my look options from last year. It's from ASOS and I love the color against my skin. It's super flirty and shows just enough skin.

I'm looking at this picture longing for warmer weather... but i digress... what are your Valentine's plan's?  Have u ever taken a break from dating? How did it go?

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