Survival Mode

First of all this post is random. I just left church and decided to take a few pics. I have never been a fan of the snow sure it's beautiful in pictures, but it's such a disruption of daily life I don't remember the last time (before today) I've worn anything other than rubber boots. I miss dressing for fashion vs survival mode, but I digress. I went to bed at 4am and as a result woke up late for church. This look was an easy grab the skirt is & Other Stories the shirt is Ralph Lauren and the boots are Xoxo. Don't let the sweet taste fool you I have on layers upon layers. Most important my fleece tights from HM I live in tights during the winter so these are considered uniform. Sometimes I even layer patterned tights on top of my fleece tights. Hey  G.R.I.T (girls raised in the south) have got to stay warm out here.

How bout u what are you doing to stay warm this winter?

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