Let’s talk Pre-fall collections I made it a point not to read any show reviews so that I could have my own thoughts and viewpoint to share. Lets talk about the not so obvious trends first (I'm sure you can read about the major trend on the major media outlets). Well save the major trends for last.



Straight Laced

I noticed several designers (Altuzarra, Elizabeth and James,Osman Rebecca Minkoff) utilizing “shoe” laces as detailing on dresses, skirts, even pants. I like this; when done properly it seems modern, but when done improperly it can look very cheap:



Safari/Utility Jacket

This trend was all over the run way and I love any trend that has a hint of masculinity added. Any utility style jacket with oversized pockets will do!

Suits and Shorts:

I only noticed a few designers (Rachel Zoe and Osman) doing this but its safe to say if you venture to rock a matching blazer and shorts youre will be on trend!


Bell Bottoms/Flare Leg:

I had to look twice but I definitely saw several pairs of culottes on the runway! It’s a fun trend and since I still own a few pair (they make my butt look great Smile)  I wont hesitate to break them out!


Colorful Houndstooth

Strangely enough houndstooth was very visible in the pre-fall collections. The scale however is enlarged and lots of color to boot!

Boss_001_1366Antonio Berardi Pre-Fall 2015

Now on to the major trends:

Olive/Hunter Green:

Olive green is the obvious trend in the color department. It was all over the runway.



Youre not cool if you’re not in culottes I think almost every designer had a culotte if not two in there collections. This trend is tricky depending on your height it can be difficult to style a culotte but hey if your up for a challenge…



Large Print Plaid (Window Pane Prints)

EVERYWHERE and I do Mean every where you turn you could see large scale plaid  (or window pane prints as major media is calling them) all throughout pre-fall 2015

House_of_Holland_010_1366Sass_Bide_015_1366Copyright © 2013 infinitas. <br />Article Photo for Denim Jeans Observer<br /><br /><br />All brands, product names, corresponding products, supplementary materials, graphic or photographic images, licenses, registered trademarks, trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

Wide Leg:

This is always my favorite trend even though I am barely 5’5 I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE WIDE WAISTED PANTS! They are my favorite style of pant! They make you look lean and tall if done appropriately.



Asymmetric Skirts

If your collection didn’t feature an asymmetrical wrap skirt then you didn’t have a collection., seriously it was that visible. The asymmetric skirt is always around but to be specifically on trend it needs to be a wrap skirt that crosses at the center.


Lounge  Look

I can’t say that I'm a fan of this trend, but hey if you like going outside in your  pajamas this look is definitely for you. Lounge wear is the uber comfortable trend that was featured in several collections.