The Look: Transition

Blue trench5star2 lettering

Its that time of year again, you know the one where the weather is schizophrenic. I literally had on a sleeveless top one day and it snowed the next day??!!!  We are under transition its not yet winter but were almost past fall. When I saw this polyester '”trench” at H&M I thought hmmm this would be a cute transitional weather piece. It has the spirit of winter but the weight and hand of early fall. I copped the boots (also H&M) for black friday and initialed hated the eyelets (they are silver… Why, Why, Why?!) but after restyling them (leaving the buckles loose and taking the shoe strings all the way down below my ankles), I loved them! Im in a matte phase so I can’t wait for them to get old and used but still nice addition to my collection.

What adventure did I have in this look? Well that’s a transition too! My life is in transition! Finally attempting to settle in the my new surroundings I went apartment d├ęcor shopping! My picky behind didn’t find what I was looking for but hey at least im tried lol! What are your favorite transitional wardrobe items?

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