How The West Was Won!

Robe Coat Collage1

It’s been a while since I've posted a look and quite honestly its been a challenge finding a place to take pictures without feeling uncomfortable, about the gawkers (who don’t just look but want to join in). I went to the Housing Works Thrift store in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago, and they have this amazing event where you can buy everything you can stuff in a bag for only $25!!! Upon arrival I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” everywhere... just because I'm a thrifter doesn’t mean I consider myself a “digger”. I prefer going through racks that have already been divided by category. At the Buy The Bag event there was absolutely no categories just piles of clothes everywhere. My initial thought was to run for the hills, however considering I had made the trek all the way to Brooklyn (and got out of bed early), I decided to play ball. I began digging and it wasn’t until I found this robe that I decided, without a shadow of a doubt my $25 was spent LOL. I had to have it. Robe coats are on trend for the fall and I thought this would make a great transitional piece… that is until the next day when the temperature dropped. I have been patiently waiting for a warm day to wear my robe top. It was originally floor length so I trimmed it a bit to give it more of a shirt feel. There are no tags on the inside so i‘m sure someone was previously using it as a legit robe, *shrugs* I'm a visionary.  Decided to pair it with my DIY’d Distressed denim jeans (American Apparel), Random white tee, and new XOXO boots, I stole the hat from my brother (God I love having a stylish brother) I thought It made the look complete and special. As for the adventurer there was none just a regular old Tuesday. Ha Ha!  Do you ever just get fly for no apparent reason?



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