Pretty much every man I ever conversed with has told me I have control issues, and I would have to agree. I like being in control (i do it quite well). While I am 100% girlie girl there is something about playing  in menswear that feels empowering to me. It says I can, play any role including boss. I used to love to watch my step father put on his suit everyday for work , in my mind he ran the world. I think that's why I love playing  in men's wear, but I digress. I purchased these palazzo pants as a replacement  to my favorite pants on the planet, and while they don't work as that.... they are super cute. The tuxedo top I saw on my lunch break one day and knew I had to have it. The potentials of use are magnanimous. The tie I stole from my brothers closet.

Top: laundry by Shelli | pants by Boohoo| shoes  by Aldo.

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