NO Stress In my Distressed Denim


Top: Lily White (Nordstrom) | Denim: Copper Key (Dillard’s)

They say pressure creates diamonds… with that being said I must be on the path to shining bright “like a diamond” (cue Rihanna). I’ve been crazy busy lately looking for work, a place to live, and still finding time to enjoy life. Since the job hunt may take a lil longer than I had hoped I decided to sign up with a new casting agency to provide and alternative revenue stream. This is what I work to the agency. None of which is thrifted or DIY’ed (surprise, surprise). I wanted to look young but grown so that I can be eligible to play a range of roles. Plus white denim is so on trend right now!

The pressure is on, but im up for the task! How do you handle pressure? Do you break? Do you remain positive? Prayer? Meditation? castinglookf

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