I Am Everyday People!


I wore this one Sunday to the Everyday People Brunch… I never posted it because I look soooooooo FAT! UGH! Anyhow I still like the look  I merely stole a dashiki from my brother tied it at the front (he would have killed me if I had cut it) and thru on these white shorts. I got lots of compliments despite my body image issues lol.


Shorts: HM | Top: Charlotte Russe |  Vest: Thrifted

Last weekend I made my way to the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s street festival! I had an awesome time watching the future ballerinas, dancers, and musicians. The talent presented was inspiring and I now at the age of 29 want to be a ballerina. Who’s going to stop me? right, no one! LOL. It took me 9 years to get dressed. First because it was hot as the Sahara and secondly because my wardrobe is restricted to what I have in my suitcase… le sigh. So this is the look I came up with. My treacherous leopard print short and this coral (I know it looks pink) bralette. I have an obsession with bralettes and corsets. This one cost me a whooping $2 (so you know I purchased two). Its lace and form fitting and I LOVE IT! I've been dying to where it there’s only one problem… this retched body fat! we all know I'm all about the fat camouflage so I threw on this cropped DIY’ed denim vest to cover all matter of back fat. I thought the look was nice and appropriate for the event.





Top: Lily White (Nordstrom) | Denim: Copper Key (Dillard’s)

They say pressure creates diamonds… with that being said I must be on the path to shining bright “like a diamond” (cue Rihanna). I’ve been crazy busy lately looking for work, a place to live, and still finding time to enjoy life. Since the job hunt may take a lil longer than I had hoped I decided to sign up with a new casting agency to provide and alternative revenue stream. This is what I work to the agency. None of which is thrifted or DIY’ed (surprise, surprise). I wanted to look young but grown so that I can be eligible to play a range of roles. Plus white denim is so on trend right now!

The pressure is on, but im up for the task! How do you handle pressure? Do you break? Do you remain positive? Prayer? Meditation? castinglookf