It’s that time of year again! It’s June 30!! which means its my birthday! I’m generally not a fan of this day as it brings about reflections of things not yet accomplished or expectations of others not yet fulfilled. Generally speaking I am a person that knows how to create my own happiness, fun, and memories. I enjoy being alone, but it’s something about having a birthday that makes you want to feel like someone else cares about your existence besides you and God… I digress.. I’ve learned to embrace this day over the years and to be grateful that I am simply alive and well.

     I always put a lot of effort into my birthday appearance as it’s is something that I can control (I love being in control lol) and it’s makes me feel oooo sooo beautiful lol! This year I knew I would have to keep things small (im currently transitioning between jobs). Over the weekend I went to the Perfect 10 Productions annual Black and White party with some friends and this was my look. My favorite item in my wardrobe are my collection of palazzo pants! I’m not the tallest girl but I love them because they are comfy yet chic. I made these palazzo specifically for my birthday and they are so cute! If you’re thinking that they look like a skirt, its because that’s the nature of a palazzo pant. They were created in the 1960s and 70s because certain business wouldn’t let women in wearing pants so the palazzo was created to deceive the businesses into thinking women had on skirts! The top I purchased last year sometime from the thrift store and just could never find a use for it. I am an avid fan of all things frill so I finally found a use for the top, by cropping it and adding some elastic to complete the look. How do you feel about your birthday? How do your dress for it? it is a big deal or just another day?b&wreshoot1pixlr1b 



So I had an idea concept to make weekly videos about major or funny events that happen in fashion. This was a trial run. It was a ton of fun and there's definitely room for improvement; nonetheless it was a blast.




I have been really enjoying spending time with family and friends lately. This week I had the opportunity to go to a surprise birthday party for a close family friend and I opted for the ever so on trend denim on denim (chambray) look. The shirt is from the gap for men and I copped it from my local thrift store. It had long sleeves which I had rolled but ultimately cut off (while at the dinner table). I chose to pair the top with the jeggings because I knew I was going to tie the shirt in the front but wouldn’t want my middriff showing. Added my comfy cognac colored sandals, red bag, and red lip (ruby woo) and I proceeded to go eat myself silly! Best Jell-O shoots I every had and I had a delicious cucumber infused vodka cocktail. I AM LOVING BEING OFF ON WEEKENDS!

How have you been enjoying your summer weekends?



Tank: H&M | Shorts: Liz Claiborne | Heels: Zara

Per usually I was perusing the thrift store when I saw these awesome plaid shorts a couple of months ago, I fell completely in love. I thought they were so casual chic. I decided to wear them to my great aunts birthday gathering ( I am currently packing my entire apartment to move, so I was getting ready to put them in a box when I had an Ahhhaaa moment! ). I actually wore a different shoe but find I liked these better. I had a great time we sat down enjoyed some Louisiana fried catfish w/ sides and caught up on life. Adventurer’s what did you wear to your  recent family cookout?

Sidenote: My mom gifted me this multichain necklace. Isn’t she sweet?




Suit: Thrifted | Shorts: JCPenney | Hat: Burlington

Spent Memorial day in NYC. Me and The Broham decided to hit the beach so off to Coney island we headed. It was complete MAYHAM! After going to Coney Island it made all my other beach experiences seem false. There was literally only a few feet between each patron. I had a blast it was relaxing and peacefully. As for the suit its actually thrifted. I never thought I’d get swim wear from the thrift store (sanitation issues), but I saw it & had to have it (tags and sanitation sticker were still in place). I had originally made plans to alter it and I still will but didn’t have time before my trip. The shorts were JCPenney for only $12. The hat gave me everlasting life $8 at Burlington.