Why wear a Hand-Me-Down when you can have a Hand-Me-Up?!


Dress: Tommy Hilfiger | Shoes:Cupid

Happy Sunday!

So, about a month ago I saw one of my neighbors and she had on the cutest army green t-shirt dress. I told her she looked nice today and that I loved the dress. To which she replied “thank you, this old thing I’ve had it for years. You can have it if you want.” I said “O, No Ma’am I wouldn’t take your dress”. She said “next time I see you its yours”. Of course I totally forgot about about the exchange as quickly as it had happened. Fast forward two weeks later A young lady came to my job and dropped off a bag and said that it was for me. I was puzzled and said what is it? She said my mom told me to deliver this to you and then she left. I open the bag and found the same t-shirt dress I had complimented my neighbor on. I thought wow how crazy is it that she actual gave me her dress?!  I took the dress home washed it. The dress was a  Tommy Hilfiger and  it wasn’t any where near my size. However,  I knew I could make it work. Took it in on the sides, took off some of the length hemmed it, and that was all she wrote. Wore it to a good Friday cook out at a family friends home and was quiet pleased. I wish I had left it a little longer in the rear, but other than that it was a success.

Side Note: I love earth tones!

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