Crawfish Boil: Pinch the Tails & Suck The Heads!


There are three things I love about being a Louisiana Girl: My family, the food, and the music! I’ve always appreciated my hometowns cuisine and nothing made me appreciated it more than when I moved to the east coast. I never put much thought into how prevalent and available fresh fish/seafood was. One of the many Louisiana staples is crawfish and my company has a yearly crawfish boiled for all of the employees. I love the event as not only do I get all I can eat crawfish but I get to see people I normally don’t get to see that often. This is what I wore to the crawfish boil.This whole look is based simple on the fact that I found this vintage Donney and Burke bag at the thrift store!  There aren’t really and deets on the look as I had the pants for years I merely felt like cutting out the knee to them trendy, threw on one of my favorite H&M tanks, and some heels.




Want to know what I did after the Crawfish Boil? More after the jump..

After the company Crawfish Boil I boiled me and my friends head to “Live After Five” a weekly event where there's a live band. The band was horrible and I felt like we were at a funeral. Afterward we contemplated bar hoping but chose to call it a night whomp whomp. Until next time adventurers…

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