The Resurrection Sunday Look

Happy Resurrection Sunday



Top: H&M | Skirt: Britanna (thrifted) |


This is what I wore after church Sunday. Friday, I finally decided to tackle some of my thrift stash that I put aside for refashioning. This skirt was one of those items. It was a ankle length pleated denim skirt and I merely turned it into a pleated denim handkerchief skirt.  I have a similar skirt in cotton and thought it was would be interesting to see it in denim. Denim is so stiff so I was pretty surprised by the results. After I cut and hemmed the skirt I wasn’t feeling the color, so I decided to add some bleach to break up the wash. To complete the look I threw on one my favorite H&M tanks. I chose seafoam green for the top color because it’s just puts me in the mind frame of spring. Threw on a caramel colored belt and the fat lady sang.

Want to hear how my Resurrection Sunday went?


First of all due to some miscommunication I was left behind for church. LMBO I was to upset as I'm a regular and they’re open every Sunday not just for Resurrection Sunday. Luckily my church live streams and I was able to watch from home. As for the rest of the day I was feeling super introverted and pretty much sat inside stuffed my face and enjoyed a movie (solo).

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