During most seasons I have a running styling inspiration. One season I was inspired by the 80s, another menswear, one season gladiators, and so on an so forth. This spring/summer I am inspired by festivals. For some reason it feels like this is the year of the festival. Its seems like there are a million festivals this year Coachella, Bonnaroo,Pemburton, Made in America, etc. It puts me in the mood of Woodstock and the sixties. So that's were tons of my look inspirations will come from this spring and summer. This look says peace and love to me. I got this dress for a mere $5 at my local salvage shop and fell in love.


Happy Resurrection Sunday



Top: H&M | Skirt: Britanna (thrifted) |


This is what I wore after church Sunday. Friday, I finally decided to tackle some of my thrift stash that I put aside for refashioning. This skirt was one of those items. It was a ankle length pleated denim skirt and I merely turned it into a pleated denim handkerchief skirt.  I have a similar skirt in cotton and thought it was would be interesting to see it in denim. Denim is so stiff so I was pretty surprised by the results. After I cut and hemmed the skirt I wasn’t feeling the color, so I decided to add some bleach to break up the wash. To complete the look I threw on one my favorite H&M tanks. I chose seafoam green for the top color because it’s just puts me in the mind frame of spring. Threw on a caramel colored belt and the fat lady sang.

Want to hear how my Resurrection Sunday went?



Tank: HM/Skirt: Love Culture /Shoes +Belt: Charlotte Russe/ Clutch: Unknown

     I hate dating with a passion but every 10 years every now and then indulge and accept an offer to go out on a date. This was one of those rare occasions. We went for beignets and convo then later to a lounge to listen to some music and have a glass of wine. When deciding what to wear I knew I want to be cute but casual. I have a thing for white and the weather has been so amazingly warm that I knew the legs and the arms would have to come out to play. I purchased this skirt a few weeks ago but hadn’t gotten a chance to pull it out until now. Everybody that knows me knows that I live in my HM tanks, so that was pretty much a given. Threw on my gold belt and that was the look. I’m still dealing with my weight issues but I felt cute none the less.