The Naughty Teacher Look

Hello My little Fashion Adventurers,
This dress is a thrift store special (insert giggle). The first thing I thought of when I saw it was “school teacher”. When I got it it was tea length, but after I got it home I decided to cut it. After cutting it naught school teacher was in full effect lol.
Now for the adventure me and my girls have been going   out on Wednesday nights after work. So, I wanted to wear something I could wear to work and then quickly transition to nightlife. I choose my naught school teacher dress not hemmed and all. To work I paired it with tights and my combat boots, then that night I took off the tights (see sexy legs above lol) and threw on my gold wedges. I got tons of compliments and oddly people asking me if it was my birthday?!! Really?? What are some of your day to night looks?
A few snaps from work below :

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