Mardi Gras 2014: Zulu Ball

     This week is Mardi Gras week which means days of partying, parades, and social club coronation balls. I having never attended a ball have always wanted to go one, specifically the Zulu Ball. Every year when the Mardi Gras festivities were over I would see the pictures from the Zulu Ball and drool over the elaborate garments and musical performers that were featured. I would declare every year "I'm going next year". Well this year was finally my year. As usual I had forgotten about my yearly declaration to attend the ball, but this year it hit me exactly a month before the event and I was able to get a ticket. Initially without even thinking I decided I would construct my own dress, but later decided to just buy a dress after the realization of time constraints, putting my car in the shop, and other obstacles.  When  I finally got my car out of the shop it was a little over two weeks before the event.  I went dress shopping only I couldn't find anything special... everything was cookie cutter. So I made the final decision to make the dress. Here is the result: Fotor030523227



     While my car was sick (poor baby) I wasn’t able to go fabric shopping, so I decided to be proactive and I went a head drafted two patterns for my dress. Later came the fabric debacle: the fabric stores in my city are very limited, and with the time constraints I couldn't imagine ordering fabric. So the search was difficult but (after falling in love with an insanely priced gold and black fabric)the final choices were  a costume brocade (that frayed insanely), a duchess satin, and some metallic netting.  After purchased the fabric I constructed the first sew up which was beautiful but felt way too much like a wedding dress (it had a insane train) so I went with my second design. What you see are the results. I learned so much making this dress and I feel so much more confident in my construction abilities. The event was stressful (traffic was horrific,I couldn’t find my table or anybody else's for that matter, and my feet hurt like I ran a marathon in six inch heels ) but ultimately I had a blast!! The next day I enjoyed the parades and partied with friends. Do you participate in Mardi Gras in your city? did you attend a ball? let me know how your events went!

IMG_20140219_134616 20140221_000917

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  1. Wow! All i can say is your hard work and efforts paid off. Alot of people can say they went to the Zulu ball, but only a few can say that they went and wore their own design. GREAT WORK!