Hide and Go Seek

overall collage 1

Overalls: Thrifted & DIY Wedges: Unknown Tank: H&M


     Lately I have been extremely self conscience about my weight (I’m working on it). Self image is extremely important, as it affects your confidence, mood, and overall demeanor. I am a person that loves getting dress but do to my issues with my body image I’ve been limited in the things I can wear. Everything I put on makes feel fat, therefore I haven’t been blogging. The other day; when I was off (usually the day when I dress my best) I decided to wear these denim overalls I DIY’ed from last summer. I got them from the thrift store and bleached & shredded them really nicely. I like that there almost over bleached because they have that look like I’ve been painting or working around the house. Best part of it all is they are so baggy I don’t feel like all my secrets (my fat) is hanging out. Pair them with my burgundy wedges to dress it up and threw on a nice lippie. Funny thing is I still felt blah but I received so many compliments I decided to share. Do you every just feel fat? How do you cope? What do You where?


  1. Your look is great and I think you achieved your goal here. I do feel Biggie Smalls sometimes and bloated to the say the very least. It definitely has a way of affecting mood and overall confidence when it is not your desired look. I have really been trying to drink more water, be conscious of my intake and work on my body sculpting. I see the difference based on my discipline, which has been making me feel alot better as the days go forward. I am just mainly working towards my ideal goal for this summer so this is my driving point on today. Plus I like to know that I have discipline and self control so that has also been fueling my fire. I have been wearing dashiki's lately it covers well and is a statement piece all the same.

    1. Congrats on your disciple and being focused enough to achieve you summer phine! Defintely work a in progress on that front. As a G.R.I.T girl raised in the South its hard to give up the delicious foods so much.. Hmmm I can think of a really cut look for a dashiki.