I was invited to an early premiere of the film “About Last Night” with Kevin Hart. The first thing that came to mind was the was the old ticket takers in the movies, you know with the little red bow and white crisp shirt. So that’s the look I was going for. I love playing in menswear it screams sexy without trying. There are no details for this look because its just so generic a hodgepodge of sorts.









The adventure: The movie was ridiculously funny and totally not what I expected from the previews.

I was a little hesitant about posting this look as I feel its a little risqué, but after some thought I decided to share. Remember the vinyl skater skirt I made well I figured I may as well where it or I probably never would. My gal pals and I  went to a Valentine’s day party at some HORRID club that I will not mention, but of course we danced and made the best of it as we always do.



Most single people hate Valentines Day Red heart. It’s a reminder of the fact that maybe you haven’t found that person you want to share your life with just yet, but for me it’s a reminder to cherish the person I love the most on the planet…. ME! I am the best Valentine I’ve ever had. Every since I adopted this spirit Valentines Day has become one of my favorite holidays. I always try and splurge and do something really nice for myself. Last year was the R-Kelly concert. This year well…. there wasn’t anything I really wanted to do so for that reason I only have a daytime look.
Vinyl Peplum Top | Designed by Me Jeans| American Eagle (thrifted)  Pointed Wedges| Express
One thing is for sure I always make sure I'm dressed to kill!  I mean if Im going to take me out I have got to look good Hot smile ! This year I had 9 million ideas running thru my head. After weeks of thought I knew I wanted something vinyl, but I didn't want to wear that vinyl pencil skirt that everybody has. Initially I made this really cute vinyl skater skirt but It didn't feel special enough so, then it hit me a vinyl top would be different. In the spirit of romantic love and S&M I thought I would be cute if the top had a train kind of like a play on a wedding dress, but I digress my mind works in mysterious ways lol. Unfortunately that Vinyl fabric that I purchase months ago was now a hot commodity so the top couldn’t be lined Sad smile, but other than that I loved the way it came out. The jeans are American Eagle (Thrifted) I merely distressed + bleached them and they came out perfect .


Hello Adventures,
I made this skirt as a muslin for a skater pattern I was perfecting. The fabric is actually construction worker safety fabric. I love neon its just so bright and in your face. I paired it one of my wardrobe essentials the bustier. I own a ridiculous amount of bralets and bustiers in the winter I pair them with blazers and in the summer with everything under the sun. It’s a staple because they can range from very basic to extremely detailed and make for a good substitute to your basic tee. The shoes are a pair of quilted booties I got at an amazing end of fall sale. Want to hear about the adventure I had in this skirt? Make sure to read more! Are you bold enough to rock neon?
Neon Skirt: Self Designed – Similar | Faux Leather Bustier: Rue 21 | Quilted Booties: Similar
Neon Skater Skirt                  


      I have been coveting a designer homage or designer parody t-shirt (a fun twist of a major designers classic logo shirt) since it first graced the body of Rihanna sometime last year.  Typically speaking I'm usually an early adopter of trends, but I will be the first to admit I’m late on this one. Here’s why: I decided I wanted the “Homies” tee since it was such a stark contrast between the actual designer (Hermes) and the concept, but when looked in to actual purchasing the famed Brian Lichtenberg tee I realized that they were either labeled New York or Los Angeles. I decided I wanted a custom tee or a totally ambiguous one. So what’s a girl to do? That’s right adventurers I made one.
  Pants: Free People, Shirt: DIY, Shoes: Aldo Ziggyy

HomiesDIY-021_1 HomiesDIY-029
      The idea was instantaneous, the action however was delayed (its a year later lol). Using a thrift men's t-shirt and the brand new Yudu screen printing machine that’s being taking over my bedroom for almost a year  I made my own custom “Homies” t-shirt. Styling the shirt was difficult because its a size 1x men's!!!! Hence the partial front tuck lol. I loved the finally look paired with my faux leather pants, gold wedges, and statement necklace I think its HAUTE! LOL. Unfortunately I do believe that once the warmer weather comes back the trend will completely die. You be the judge!  What do you think about homage tees? Have you ever tried personal screen printing? Would you rock it?