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               Jumpsuit: Volume One (Stage)  Belt 1# Obi Belt (Ebay) Belt 2: Studded Belt (Love Culture)
Hello adventurers,
Screams FIRST POST! LOL. Now that that’s over let’s get this show on the road. When it comes to my closet I certainly have FASHION ADD! The classic phrase I have nothing to wear spews from my mouth on a daily basis, even though I have broken two of my closet doors due to overcrowding. With that being said there are several cures for Fashion ADD; shopping or one of my favorites refashioning. 
The first time I wore this jumpsuit I made beautiful memories as it was my senior fashion show about a year ago and I smile just remembering the event. This time the occasion was much more casual. My brother was in town for vacation and we love live music (and cocktails), so we opted to attend  an event with one of the local bands and OPEN BAR!!!!! When I found out about the event I was stumped on what to wear so after looking in my closet everyday for 4 days and my budget screaming no more spending, It dawned on me…. “I can wear that jumpsuit again!”. Clearly the first time I wore it was so significant that I just couldn’t wear it as it was so I decided to refashion it and the first thing I could think of was Sandy from Grease. That was all she wrote off the shoulder modification it was. A very simple refashion I just placed a seam under both underarms and that was it. I loved it and had just as much of an adventure the second time around!
Thought or questions don’t be afraid to ask… Until next adventure