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Its that time of year again, you know the one where the weather is schizophrenic. I literally had on a sleeveless top one day and it snowed the next day??!!!  We are under transition its not yet winter but were almost past fall. When I saw this polyester '”trench” at H&M I thought hmmm this would be a cute transitional weather piece. It has the spirit of winter but the weight and hand of early fall. I copped the boots (also H&M) for black friday and initialed hated the eyelets (they are silver… Why, Why, Why?!) but after restyling them (leaving the buckles loose and taking the shoe strings all the way down below my ankles), I loved them! Im in a matte phase so I can’t wait for them to get old and used but still nice addition to my collection.

What adventure did I have in this look? Well that’s a transition too! My life is in transition! Finally attempting to settle in the my new surroundings I went apartment décor shopping! My picky behind didn’t find what I was looking for but hey at least im tried lol! What are your favorite transitional wardrobe items?

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Vest| Wet Seal  Jeans| American Eagle  Chambray Top | Ralph Lauren

Ladies and gentlemen it is fall! Well its been chilly for about 2 and a half weeks now and the other day it was in the thirties. LISTEN, LISTEN, LINDA I don't like the cold. I do however enjoy dressing for the intermediate  phase where it's just chilly. So my mom sent me some of my clothes per request and this fur vest was included I wasted no time getting to it! I've worn it twice in seven days time. It's just such a fun piece that can be worn in many ways... up, down, and around even sideways (cue Mc Lyte). This day it was just chilly so I decide to pair this with my favorite DIY distressed jeans and chambray top (layered tees underneath). I wanted to upgrade the denim on denim trend. I loved the outcome in the words of @iamjenniferle #dressdowndopery.

The adventure: So I was off from work but I pretty much did nothing all day besides catch on my rest, but when I finally got up I decided to go have a cocktail and who did i see...? Teyana Taylor. I'm a big fan of her style and her music so needless to say I was stoked.


Pretty much every man I ever conversed with has told me I have control issues, and I would have to agree. I like being in control (i do it quite well). While I am 100% girlie girl there is something about playing  in menswear that feels empowering to me. It says I can, play any role including boss. I used to love to watch my step father put on his suit everyday for work , in my mind he ran the world. I think that's why I love playing  in men's wear, but I digress. I purchased these palazzo pants as a replacement  to my favorite pants on the planet, and while they don't work as that.... they are super cute. The tuxedo top I saw on my lunch break one day and knew I had to have it. The potentials of use are magnanimous. The tie I stole from my brothers closet.

Top: laundry by Shelli | pants by Boohoo| shoes  by Aldo.

Robe Coat Collage1

It’s been a while since I've posted a look and quite honestly its been a challenge finding a place to take pictures without feeling uncomfortable, about the gawkers (who don’t just look but want to join in). I went to the Housing Works Thrift store in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago, and they have this amazing event where you can buy everything you can stuff in a bag for only $25!!! Upon arrival I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” everywhere... just because I'm a thrifter doesn’t mean I consider myself a “digger”. I prefer going through racks that have already been divided by category. At the Buy The Bag event there was absolutely no categories just piles of clothes everywhere. My initial thought was to run for the hills, however considering I had made the trek all the way to Brooklyn (and got out of bed early), I decided to play ball. I began digging and it wasn’t until I found this robe that I decided, without a shadow of a doubt my $25 was spent LOL. I had to have it. Robe coats are on trend for the fall and I thought this would make a great transitional piece… that is until the next day when the temperature dropped. I have been patiently waiting for a warm day to wear my robe top. It was originally floor length so I trimmed it a bit to give it more of a shirt feel. There are no tags on the inside so i‘m sure someone was previously using it as a legit robe, *shrugs* I'm a visionary.  Decided to pair it with my DIY’d Distressed denim jeans (American Apparel), Random white tee, and new XOXO boots, I stole the hat from my brother (God I love having a stylish brother) I thought It made the look complete and special. As for the adventurer there was none just a regular old Tuesday. Ha Ha!  Do you ever just get fly for no apparent reason?




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Bralette: Wet Seal | Skirt: Forever 21 | shoes: Call it Spring


Happy belated Labor day! I spent the majority of my Labor Day at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. I wanted to wear something that resembled the spirit of the Carnival costumes without being over the top. We already know I’m obsessed with bralettes and this one is definitely on my favorites list. I got it from wet seal for a whopping $5 on clearance. The skirt is also a staple in my closet (I have it in 3 colors), its fun, light, easy and can be sexy or casual. I wore flats to the parade as clearly it’s a walking event but if I were going an where else I would have thrown on the Call It Spring strappy black heels.

As for the adventure the parade was so awesome! However since I like to dance next time I want to be in the parade and not watching it! LOL. The costumes were fun, the people were full of life, and the music was on point! What was your Labor Day adventure?

I Am Everyday People!


I wore this one Sunday to the Everyday People Brunch… I never posted it because I look soooooooo FAT! UGH! Anyhow I still like the look  I merely stole a dashiki from my brother tied it at the front (he would have killed me if I had cut it) and thru on these white shorts. I got lots of compliments despite my body image issues lol.


Shorts: HM | Top: Charlotte Russe |  Vest: Thrifted

Last weekend I made my way to the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s street festival! I had an awesome time watching the future ballerinas, dancers, and musicians. The talent presented was inspiring and I now at the age of 29 want to be a ballerina. Who’s going to stop me? right, no one! LOL. It took me 9 years to get dressed. First because it was hot as the Sahara and secondly because my wardrobe is restricted to what I have in my suitcase… le sigh. So this is the look I came up with. My treacherous leopard print short and this coral (I know it looks pink) bralette. I have an obsession with bralettes and corsets. This one cost me a whooping $2 (so you know I purchased two). Its lace and form fitting and I LOVE IT! I've been dying to where it there’s only one problem… this retched body fat! we all know I'm all about the fat camouflage so I threw on this cropped DIY’ed denim vest to cover all matter of back fat. I thought the look was nice and appropriate for the event.





Top: Lily White (Nordstrom) | Denim: Copper Key (Dillard’s)

They say pressure creates diamonds… with that being said I must be on the path to shining bright “like a diamond” (cue Rihanna). I’ve been crazy busy lately looking for work, a place to live, and still finding time to enjoy life. Since the job hunt may take a lil longer than I had hoped I decided to sign up with a new casting agency to provide and alternative revenue stream. This is what I work to the agency. None of which is thrifted or DIY’ed (surprise, surprise). I wanted to look young but grown so that I can be eligible to play a range of roles. Plus white denim is so on trend right now!

The pressure is on, but im up for the task! How do you handle pressure? Do you break? Do you remain positive? Prayer? Meditation? castinglookf




I cant remember the last time I purchased clothing from traditional retail store. Got this playsuit from the thrift store a couple months ago for the bargain price of $2.00. II t took me awhile to wear it because as you can see the shorts are quite short. I could have taken the sexiness down a notch by styling it differently, but I decided to push it and give it an almost dominatrix look. I was suppose to be working on a special project I have in the works and this was going to be a good look for that, unfortunately plans fell through.


kelis vs mecover

So my actual birthday was June 30, and it was pretty relaxed. I laid in the bed pretty much the whole day pigging out on snacks and watching things I use to watch when I was a kid (wishbone, ghostwriter, and blank check). Later in the evening my wonderful extended family took me out for dinner. I really had no plans but what I did know for sure was that I was wearing this Kelis inspired tulle skirt wherever I decided to go. I used a pattern from simplicity #1427. I hate the waistband  on the skirt but other that it was nice. I styled it two different ways. dressed down with snedges (sneaker wedges) and dressed up with my single soled heels. It was definitely a conversation piece to say the least. What are your thoughts on tulle skirts?





     It’s that time of year again! It’s June 30!! which means its my birthday! I’m generally not a fan of this day as it brings about reflections of things not yet accomplished or expectations of others not yet fulfilled. Generally speaking I am a person that knows how to create my own happiness, fun, and memories. I enjoy being alone, but it’s something about having a birthday that makes you want to feel like someone else cares about your existence besides you and God… I digress.. I’ve learned to embrace this day over the years and to be grateful that I am simply alive and well.

     I always put a lot of effort into my birthday appearance as it’s is something that I can control (I love being in control lol) and it’s makes me feel oooo sooo beautiful lol! This year I knew I would have to keep things small (im currently transitioning between jobs). Over the weekend I went to the Perfect 10 Productions annual Black and White party with some friends and this was my look. My favorite item in my wardrobe are my collection of palazzo pants! I’m not the tallest girl but I love them because they are comfy yet chic. I made these palazzo specifically for my birthday and they are so cute! If you’re thinking that they look like a skirt, its because that’s the nature of a palazzo pant. They were created in the 1960s and 70s because certain business wouldn’t let women in wearing pants so the palazzo was created to deceive the businesses into thinking women had on skirts! The top I purchased last year sometime from the thrift store and just could never find a use for it. I am an avid fan of all things frill so I finally found a use for the top, by cropping it and adding some elastic to complete the look. How do you feel about your birthday? How do your dress for it? it is a big deal or just another day?b&wreshoot1pixlr1b 



So I had an idea concept to make weekly videos about major or funny events that happen in fashion. This was a trial run. It was a ton of fun and there's definitely room for improvement; nonetheless it was a blast.




I have been really enjoying spending time with family and friends lately. This week I had the opportunity to go to a surprise birthday party for a close family friend and I opted for the ever so on trend denim on denim (chambray) look. The shirt is from the gap for men and I copped it from my local thrift store. It had long sleeves which I had rolled but ultimately cut off (while at the dinner table). I chose to pair the top with the jeggings because I knew I was going to tie the shirt in the front but wouldn’t want my middriff showing. Added my comfy cognac colored sandals, red bag, and red lip (ruby woo) and I proceeded to go eat myself silly! Best Jell-O shoots I every had and I had a delicious cucumber infused vodka cocktail. I AM LOVING BEING OFF ON WEEKENDS!

How have you been enjoying your summer weekends?



Tank: H&M | Shorts: Liz Claiborne | Heels: Zara

Per usually I was perusing the thrift store when I saw these awesome plaid shorts a couple of months ago, I fell completely in love. I thought they were so casual chic. I decided to wear them to my great aunts birthday gathering ( I am currently packing my entire apartment to move, so I was getting ready to put them in a box when I had an Ahhhaaa moment! ). I actually wore a different shoe but find I liked these better. I had a great time we sat down enjoyed some Louisiana fried catfish w/ sides and caught up on life. Adventurer’s what did you wear to your  recent family cookout?

Sidenote: My mom gifted me this multichain necklace. Isn’t she sweet?




Suit: Thrifted | Shorts: JCPenney | Hat: Burlington

Spent Memorial day in NYC. Me and The Broham decided to hit the beach so off to Coney island we headed. It was complete MAYHAM! After going to Coney Island it made all my other beach experiences seem false. There was literally only a few feet between each patron. I had a blast it was relaxing and peacefully. As for the suit its actually thrifted. I never thought I’d get swim wear from the thrift store (sanitation issues), but I saw it & had to have it (tags and sanitation sticker were still in place). I had originally made plans to alter it and I still will but didn’t have time before my trip. The shorts were JCPenney for only $12. The hat gave me everlasting life $8 at Burlington.


There are three things I love about being a Louisiana Girl: My family, the food, and the music! I’ve always appreciated my hometowns cuisine and nothing made me appreciated it more than when I moved to the east coast. I never put much thought into how prevalent and available fresh fish/seafood was. One of the many Louisiana staples is crawfish and my company has a yearly crawfish boiled for all of the employees. I love the event as not only do I get all I can eat crawfish but I get to see people I normally don’t get to see that often. This is what I wore to the crawfish boil.This whole look is based simple on the fact that I found this vintage Donney and Burke bag at the thrift store!  There aren’t really and deets on the look as I had the pants for years I merely felt like cutting out the knee to them trendy, threw on one of my favorite H&M tanks, and some heels.




Want to know what I did after the Crawfish Boil? More after the jump..


Dress: Tommy Hilfiger | Shoes:Cupid

Happy Sunday!

So, about a month ago I saw one of my neighbors and she had on the cutest army green t-shirt dress. I told her she looked nice today and that I loved the dress. To which she replied “thank you, this old thing I’ve had it for years. You can have it if you want.” I said “O, No Ma’am I wouldn’t take your dress”. She said “next time I see you its yours”. Of course I totally forgot about about the exchange as quickly as it had happened. Fast forward two weeks later A young lady came to my job and dropped off a bag and said that it was for me. I was puzzled and said what is it? She said my mom told me to deliver this to you and then she left. I open the bag and found the same t-shirt dress I had complimented my neighbor on. I thought wow how crazy is it that she actual gave me her dress?!  I took the dress home washed it. The dress was a  Tommy Hilfiger and  it wasn’t any where near my size. However,  I knew I could make it work. Took it in on the sides, took off some of the length hemmed it, and that was all she wrote. Wore it to a good Friday cook out at a family friends home and was quiet pleased. I wish I had left it a little longer in the rear, but other than that it was a success.

Side Note: I love earth tones!

During most seasons I have a running styling inspiration. One season I was inspired by the 80s, another menswear, one season gladiators, and so on an so forth. This spring/summer I am inspired by festivals. For some reason it feels like this is the year of the festival. Its seems like there are a million festivals this year Coachella, Bonnaroo,Pemburton, Made in America, etc. It puts me in the mood of Woodstock and the sixties. So that's were tons of my look inspirations will come from this spring and summer. This look says peace and love to me. I got this dress for a mere $5 at my local salvage shop and fell in love.


Happy Resurrection Sunday



Top: H&M | Skirt: Britanna (thrifted) |


This is what I wore after church Sunday. Friday, I finally decided to tackle some of my thrift stash that I put aside for refashioning. This skirt was one of those items. It was a ankle length pleated denim skirt and I merely turned it into a pleated denim handkerchief skirt.  I have a similar skirt in cotton and thought it was would be interesting to see it in denim. Denim is so stiff so I was pretty surprised by the results. After I cut and hemmed the skirt I wasn’t feeling the color, so I decided to add some bleach to break up the wash. To complete the look I threw on one my favorite H&M tanks. I chose seafoam green for the top color because it’s just puts me in the mind frame of spring. Threw on a caramel colored belt and the fat lady sang.

Want to hear how my Resurrection Sunday went?



Tank: HM/Skirt: Love Culture /Shoes +Belt: Charlotte Russe/ Clutch: Unknown

     I hate dating with a passion but every 10 years every now and then indulge and accept an offer to go out on a date. This was one of those rare occasions. We went for beignets and convo then later to a lounge to listen to some music and have a glass of wine. When deciding what to wear I knew I want to be cute but casual. I have a thing for white and the weather has been so amazingly warm that I knew the legs and the arms would have to come out to play. I purchased this skirt a few weeks ago but hadn’t gotten a chance to pull it out until now. Everybody that knows me knows that I live in my HM tanks, so that was pretty much a given. Threw on my gold belt and that was the look. I’m still dealing with my weight issues but I felt cute none the less.


Hello My little Fashion Adventurers,
This dress is a thrift store special (insert giggle). The first thing I thought of when I saw it was “school teacher”. When I got it it was tea length, but after I got it home I decided to cut it. After cutting it naught school teacher was in full effect lol.
Now for the adventure me and my girls have been going   out on Wednesday nights after work. So, I wanted to wear something I could wear to work and then quickly transition to nightlife. I choose my naught school teacher dress not hemmed and all. To work I paired it with tights and my combat boots, then that night I took off the tights (see sexy legs above lol) and threw on my gold wedges. I got tons of compliments and oddly people asking me if it was my birthday?!! Really?? What are some of your day to night looks?
A few snaps from work below :

overall collage 1

Overalls: Thrifted & DIY Wedges: Unknown Tank: H&M


     Lately I have been extremely self conscience about my weight (I’m working on it). Self image is extremely important, as it affects your confidence, mood, and overall demeanor. I am a person that loves getting dress but do to my issues with my body image I’ve been limited in the things I can wear. Everything I put on makes feel fat, therefore I haven’t been blogging. The other day; when I was off (usually the day when I dress my best) I decided to wear these denim overalls I DIY’ed from last summer. I got them from the thrift store and bleached & shredded them really nicely. I like that there almost over bleached because they have that look like I’ve been painting or working around the house. Best part of it all is they are so baggy I don’t feel like all my secrets (my fat) is hanging out. Pair them with my burgundy wedges to dress it up and threw on a nice lippie. Funny thing is I still felt blah but I received so many compliments I decided to share. Do you every just feel fat? How do you cope? What do You where?

     This week is Mardi Gras week which means days of partying, parades, and social club coronation balls. I having never attended a ball have always wanted to go one, specifically the Zulu Ball. Every year when the Mardi Gras festivities were over I would see the pictures from the Zulu Ball and drool over the elaborate garments and musical performers that were featured. I would declare every year "I'm going next year". Well this year was finally my year. As usual I had forgotten about my yearly declaration to attend the ball, but this year it hit me exactly a month before the event and I was able to get a ticket. Initially without even thinking I decided I would construct my own dress, but later decided to just buy a dress after the realization of time constraints, putting my car in the shop, and other obstacles.  When  I finally got my car out of the shop it was a little over two weeks before the event.  I went dress shopping only I couldn't find anything special... everything was cookie cutter. So I made the final decision to make the dress. Here is the result: Fotor030523227